Posted by: Nancy | June 5, 2007


Hmm..  Where to start… 

Let’s see.  I’m a stay-at-home mom.  We live at the edge of the suburbs, closer to the mountains than downtown.  Two kids – My daughter Ruby is almost 5 and son Max is 3.5.  My Hubby is an IT guy. 

Today has been unseasonably cool for our area.  We usually have temps in the mid-90’s this time of year, but it’s only supposed to be up to 78 today.  Brrr… 

 My kids are outside playing.   I pretty much let them dress themselves on days we’re not going anywhere.   Especially since we have so many mature trees in our yard that the neighbors can’t see. 

 My daughter is wearing a nightgown that she has dubbed her “morning dress”, a robe that she insists is a coat, and sandals.   Any new nightgown that she gets becomes a morning dress for the first week or so, until the novelty wears off.  

 Max is wearing his winter coat, spiderman underwear (we’re attempting potty training) sandals and a pirate hat.  LOL!

I’m hoping that I can do this blog thing right.  I know there’s no right or wrong, but I’m hoping I can write something I’m proud of.   I’ve been reading so many blogs that I hope I can live up to my own expectations. 

Today I’m thinking about doing some laundry and maybe making some bread in the breadmaker.   Tacos maybe for dinner?  Not sure yet.   If Hubby comes home early maybe I’ll head to the grocery store. 



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