Posted by: Nancy | June 9, 2007

3 x 5’s and Vanity

Well, I must say that I’m quite proud of myself.  I completed my card file for my S.H.E. cleaning system and day 1 was a huge success. 

 The key to this system for me is breaking things down into their smallest tasks.  Instead of saying – Wash all the windows in the family room, which will send me into a perfectionistic fit, dragging out the toothbrushes and mini-vac, – I break it down into much, much smaller chunks and assign a frequency–

 Wipe down windowsills.  (Weekly)

 Clean window tracks.   (Quarterly)

 Windex insides of windows.  (Weekly)

 Windex outsides of windows.  (Monthly)

 Wipe down window shades. (Quarterly) 

Most of these jobs will take me less than five minutes, which works really well for me.  I usually wouldn’t even start to clean the windows because I know how I am with such things.  I need it to be perfect or I get frustrated and give up after expending a lot of energy trying to do it perfectly.   Which puts me back into wanting to just avoid the whole thing until we’ve got company coming and I need to crisis clean.  Not fun at all. 

 When I write down every little job, and organize them according to how often they should be done, it’s amazing how little needs to be done every day.  Add a couple weekly, monthly and quarterly cards a day, and my house gets detail cleaned from top to bottom every three months. 

 Today I was on a roll, so once I got all my cards done for the day, I went into the cards for the next few days and did a few more chores.  On those days, I’ll end up not having as much to do, so I can relax or if I’m in a cleaning mood, go forward a few days and pick a couple additional things to do. 

 Now for the vanity part.  I’m gluten-intolerant, which is very much like celiac (google).  I’m really sensitive and will react to things that other celiacs don’t react to.  I have to be very careful of shampoos, cosmetics, etc.  As long as it doesn’t get into my mouth it’s fine, but that’s easier said than done.  For example, if I use a shampoo with wheat (gluten) in it, and later that day absent-mindedly push my hair behind my ears, if I then eat something with my hands without washing them first, that’s more than enough for me to get a reaction.   So rather than deal with that, I strictly avoid any products with gluten in them.  Just makes my life easier. 

 But my skin has been looking awful.  It looks like I’ve been working outside for months on end.   It’s totally beyond masks or super-hydrating moisturizers.  Putting on moisturizer has been a joke.  It’s like a layer of hardpack soil that doesn’t even want to soak anything up.  Seriously. 

 So I’ve been hearing about the home microdermabrasion kits, so I got one at Target.  Even though it had wheat germ oil (gluten) in it. 

 I’m kind of ashamed of myself for putting my looks above my health.  First of all, it’s so not like me.  I’ve never been much of a girly-girl, but after my run-in with a close-up mirror, I’ve been distressed about my skin, so I just went ahead and risked it.  I was really careful to keep my mouth strategically closed and not get the cream anywhere near my mouth or on anything else in my bathroom, put the washcloth directly into the laundry.     It’s been a couple hours now and no reaction, so I think I’m in the clear. 

 My skin looks really good too.  Put on moisturizer and it absorbed like it was supposed to.   I’m not going to use this as often as they suggest because of the gluten in it, but knowing that it works is nice to know.  



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