Posted by: Nancy | June 15, 2007

My husband, the crack addict

Many people have people in their lives who crack their knuckles. 

 A lot. 

 My husband has brought it to a whole new level.  He likes to crack my knuckles. 


 If he ever decided to switch careers, I’d suggest chiropractor school.  Or mailroom worker (what with all the bubble wrap). 




  1. Hey Nancy! COOL Blog – I like it. It’s such a stress release to just hide and write. The link I’m leaving you in another blog I have – its a Christian Blog, but funny thing is we seem to be running the same circles – meaning I’ve been to many of the blogs on your roll (funny, 10,000 miles away and connecting online).

  2. I might go even further than your husband! Not only do I crack my knuckles and others’, I crack other people’s toes in addition to my own!

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