Posted by: Nancy | June 20, 2007

Favorite GF specialty products

Here’s our list of favorite gluten-free products.  I’m going to give this posting a picture thing a shot here. 


 Pamela’s Amazing Wheat Free Bread Mix –

 (Hey look!  I did it!)

 This bread is the best!  It tastes a lot like regular wheat bread.  It also has that soft, springy texture and a neutral flavor.   We’ve found other bread that we like, but most have an unusual flavor that doesn’t mix well with certain things (peanut butter sandwiches for example).   This one works great with everything.   I even make hamburger buns out of it.  


Pamela’s Ultimate Baking and Pancake Mix

 I make pancakes out of this once a week or so.  They taste great.  They’ve got almond meal in them too, which gives a nice flavor.  I use it as a flour mix in a few of my recipes too. 


Bi-Aglut Pasta –

 Gluten-free pasta made in Italy.  This tastes just like regular gluteny pasta.  Last Christmas Hubby made goulash for the family dinner and everyone thought that I was eating something different.  But the whole meal was gluten-free.  Anything that can fool gluten eaters is on my must-have list.   Tinkyada pasta is very good, but my husband doesn’t like it.  So rather than mess with making two types of pasta (and risking the resulting problems for me and the kids), we use Bi-Aglut and everyone is happy. 


Ener-G Wheat-Free Crackers –

 I buy these by the case.  They are unsalted and kind of remind me of a combination between a Carr’s Water Cracker and an unsalted saltine.   Unlike many GF crackers, these stay in one piece and don’t fall apart when you’re trying to eat them.  


Sunstart Coconut Cookies –

 These are the best.  They have a toasted coconut flavor.  They remind me so much of Girl Scout Samoas.  I was thinking of trying to put some chocolate and caramel on them, but I like them so much as they are that I haven’t tried it yet. 


Kinnikinnick – Montana’s Chocolate Chip Cookies –

The kids love these.  They call the health food store where we get these The Cookie Store.  


Kinnikinnick – Chocolate Dipped Donuts –

 The chocolate coating tastes exactly like the the chocolate coating on every chocolate donut I ever had pre-gluten-free.  The donut is more like a dense cake donut and not the raised kind that I used to get, but the chocolate coating makes it all worth it. 

Well, that’s about it for our major gluten-free products.   We have others that we get occasionally.  These are the things that are almost always in our pantry though.   Just about everything else is mainstream products. 



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