Posted by: Nancy | June 22, 2007

Thankful Thursday 13

I’ve been in an unnecessary funk lately, so this carnival over at  (aka my sister-in-law Shannon) is coming at a perfect time. 

 Here’s my list. 

1.  God.  For His patience, His faithfulness, His kindness and His love.  

2.  My husband.  For his hard work and dedication to his family.  For loving me.

3.  My kids.  They are growing out of their difficult phases, so it’s getting much more calm around here.  🙂 

4.  My friends.  Without them, the world just wouldn’t be the same. 

5.  My family. 

6.  My health.  After years of being sick, I’m so grateful that I’m healthy now. 

7.  My home.  I love it here. 

8.  The internet.  It has a way of making the world bigger AND smaller at the same time. 

9.  Our wireless internet adapters.

10.  My breadmaker.  A gluten-free mom’s best friend. 

11.  Haagan Dazs. 

12.  Tivo.  bloop-BLOOP-BLOOP

13.  Huggies Overnights diapers.   My son is not wanting to potty train and holds it like a camel.  

Yay!  I made it to 13! 




  1. This weekly list has become so much fun with the online community I’m in – we all share our lists and really show support for each other. Good, clean, GOD Loving fun!

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