Posted by: Nancy | June 23, 2007

The things I LOVE about being gluten-free

1.  Feeling healthy.   I never realized how sick I really was until after I went GF.   And I knew I was sick.  90% of the symptoms that I know now are gluten-related I never would have suspected.  And the mood issues –  I just thought the depression, irritability, anxiety, insomnia, general bitchiness etc. were just aspects of my charming personality.   

2.  My kids are happy and healthy.  I’m so glad I figured all of this out for their sakes.  Their lives will be so much happier knowing about this.  They may go in and out of remission (hopefully) throughout their lives, but they will always know that they are prone to it.  They won’t have years of mystery health problems that limit their lives. 

3.  The support and understanding of my family and friends.   Everyone has been great about the details and oddness of all of this.   Nobody makes me feel weird or out of place about it.  I love it when I try a new GF recipe and they like it as much as I do. 

4.  Bonus weight loss.  I was a little bit overweight before I went gluten-free.   I lost 30 pounds within six months of being on the GF diet with no additional diet or exercise.  WooHoo! 

5.  I feel no guilt at all eating “bad” food.  If I can’t eat gluten, I’m going to eat ice cream, chocolate, fried food and junk food to my hearts content, thankyouverymuch.  😀  When I was losing the weight initially, it was fun to sit there eating a dish of ice cream and tell my husband that I lost another three pounds that week.  Heeheehee… 

6.  All the good GF food out there that makes life so much easier.  There are only a couple things that I can’t either buy or successfully replicate (so far anyway) – cheese crackers and french bread.   Other than that I can eat just about anything –  there is GF pizza, pasta, bread, donuts, cookies, crackers, etc. 

7.  All the restaurants that have gluten-free menus – Outback, Pei Wei and PF Changs have GF menus at every restaurant.   Lots of places have GF menus online that you can print out and bring with you. 

8.  Kraft, McCormick, Con-Agra and Frito-Lay.   You’d be shocked at the percentage of foods in the average grocery store that are made by these companies.   They all clearly and thoroughly label gluten.   If there is gluten in it, or a chance of second-hand gluten, they label it.   If there is no gluten listed, I know it’s safe to eat and I don’t have to give it another thought. 

9.  Online gluten-free statements and lists.  Most companies and restaurants have information on the gluten status of their products and recipes. 

10.  It’s actually kind of fun to hunt down gluten-free recipes or products.   It’s very rare for me to run into something that I can’t make or find anymore.  

11.  Trying things that aren’t good or recipes that don’t turn out is actually pretty funny.   Gluten-free baking brings a whole new level to the word “inedible”.   A GF friend of mine put unsuccessful bread crumbs out once that the birds and squirrels wouldn’t even eat.  Now that’s comedy. 

12.  I’ve only got about a dozen specialty products that I buy on a regular basis.  Other than that, it’s just regular food. 

13.   I rarely catch colds or flus anymore, and don’t get allergies anymore.   My kids don’t get sick as often either.   Our immune systems are no longer pre-occupied with the perceived threat of gluten, so it can fight off actual illnesses. 

So that’s the upside.  The upside far outweighs the downside.  The downside is mostly irritations that usually don’t bug me, but there are just those days when they do. 




  1. Great list, Nancy! Its great to come back and counter-react the negative list to see just what is truly important!

  2. The local vegetable market…which never has anything that contains gluten. I’ve discovered a new love for vegetables that I never had prior to being gluten free. Beets, kohlrabi, turnips, parsnips, rhutabagas, etc. I’ve discovered I actually like eating them.

    Sheltie Girl @ Gluten A Go Go

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