Posted by: Nancy | July 7, 2007

Bored, yet unmotivated.

I’m bored.  My husband is watching movies on TV.  Nothing really on.  And our On-Demand cable movie renting thingy is acting up, so we can’t pay-per-view anything.

I was thinking about trying a new recipe, but I’d have to clean the kitchen first.   Yea…. no. 

Fourth of July went perfectly.   My friend Stephanie helped me get all the food finished up and put out.   I made and decorated two birthday cakes.  (Pictures coming soon.)  Everybody had a good time.   I’m getting the hang of entertaining a little better.  I didn’t panic at all.   I had chips, guac and salsa out for everyone when they got here, along with the gift bags for the kids.  So I didn’t have to stress that the food wasn’t all timed perfectly. 

Now that that’s done, we’re not hosting any other family things until Christmas Eve.  So that’s a nice long break.   

As for the weekend, we’ve got a whole lot of nothing planned.  Which sounds just about perfect. 




  1. So glad to hear the 4th party went well- I’m sure everyone had a wonderful time. Christmas Eve huh? That is a nice break! Maybe we’ll get to see you guys during the winter holidays- would be fun!!

  2. That would be awesome! I hope so!


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