Posted by: Nancy | July 25, 2007

Gluten-Free Camping Coming Up!

We’re going camping next weekend.  I want to have the food under control to the point where I can relax and enjoy everything else.  I want to know what’s for breakfast, lunch dinner, snacks and desserts.  I may go so far as to print out a schedule.   Because once I organize something, I don’t want my carefully prepared gluten-free food being flug willy-nilly about the campground. 

 So… if we want good food (and we do) I’ve got to start planning NOW.   I’m not sure if we’re staying two or three nights yet, so I’ve got to prep for about 3+ days worth of food.   Plus, taking into account the varied appetites of a 3yo and a 5yo, I need to bring every GF snack food I can lay my hands on.   The good thing is that we’ve got a campstove so I can really do everything other than bake out there. 

Hey!  This is kind of like Dinner Impossible. 

 Here’s my list of probable meals


Chili – easy for the first night

Hamburgers and grilled potatoes

Steaks or tri-tip and sweet potatoes in foil (?)

Sides – mostly salad and raw veggies



Pizza (if I’ve got time to premake it)


Taquitos (Delimex beef in corn tortillas)

Hotdogs (no bun)



Eggs and bacon

Crackers w/cheese or PB (my kids like this for breakfast)


Cool Ranch Doritos


Fruit snacks

Cut fruit


Chips and salsa


GF Candy

GF Pretzels


S’Mores (of course)

Cookies and ice cream (? might get one of those ice cream ball things and some mix-ins ?)

Some sort of cake (maybe angelfood?)


So…  I’ve got to premake –

Graham crackers

Hamburger buns

Pizza crusts




Taco meat

Chili  (Hubby’s job..)

I think that’s it.  Should be easy enough.  Plus, I’ll be able to share all my recipes, tricks, tips and gluten-free products for everything.     I’ve got a great idea for the s’mores too!

It should be a post-er-iffic week. 



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