Posted by: Nancy | July 30, 2007

A little sad today

I’ve been thinking a lot about Christmas lately and beginning to plan it in my head.  I guess mostly because that’s our next big family event we’re hosting.  I always start planning and pondering about the next thing.  No matter how far off it is. 

I love Christmas.  The sights.  The smells.  The music.  The food.  The cookies.  Just everything. 

 But it’s also a very painful time for me.  My mom died of breast cancer in Dec 1993.  My dad died of stomach cancer at 12:03 am on Dec 26, 2004.   I could write pages about how much those two sentences hurt.  But I won’t.  Maybe someday. 

I’ve been thinking about all the holiday traditions and Christmases (is that the plural of Christmas?) of my childhood.  My daughter is at the age now that I can remember having the best Christmases when we lived in Virginia from the time I was ages 5-8.  So it’s a little flash-backy.   I love remembering those Christmases, but at the same time it hurts so deep I could never adequately explain it.  So it’s been an odd day for me. 

 I’ve learned something about myself and God over the years.  If I’m having the urge to do something at an unusual time, there’s usually a reason.  Maybe it will be a harder than usual year for me come December.  Having some of the planning and menu-making done will come in handy as it gets closer. 

 Therefore, today, on the ridiculous date of July 29th (for pete’s sake), I’ve started planning Christmas.   I even have a handy-dandy Category on my sidebar. 

 It’s totally going to work in my favor too because we’re in a new house.  The first house I’ve loved since we lived in Virginia 30 years ago.  Seriously.  The next time I move will be when our kids help us move to the retirement resort in Hawaii (believing for big things here… LOL).  

 I want to get Christmas decorations that are specific to specific places in the house.  I want my kids to remember that one snowman that always went on the left side of the mantle and the santa picture that went on the wall next to the front door every year.   Those kind of nostalgic, cozy things. 

 So you’ll have to forgive me for getting all Christmasy at this time of year.   By December, I may very well be entrenched in a stubborn case of the bah-humbugs.  




  1. WOW- love the new look 🙂

    And I say it’s never too early to start planning for Christmas- also my favorite time of the year!! I want pictures of this amazing house btw- remember me the SIL who lives so far away, LOL. HUGGS to all 🙂

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