Posted by: Nancy | August 11, 2007


I haven’t been blogging this week.  Been in a bit of a panic attack here.  (So this makes sense you’ll need to know that Hubby works in the IT department of a mortgage company. )

On our way to camping last weekend Hubby told me about The Big Mortgage Company Meltdown of 2007 that reached a peak the middle of that previous week.  Companies were going under left and right.  Big companies.   

So last weekend was a lot of trying not to think about it even though I couldn’t help thinking about it.   And breathing.  Lots of deep breathing.   And s’mores.  Lots of deep breathing and s’mores. 

I was so worried about what might happen that I just didn’t feel like talking about it or anything else. 

 The good news is that it looks like Hubby’s company is going to get through this.  So the initial panic is over.  Which is good because my Hubby kept saying that he was going to apply to be an Ice Road Trucker.  But he was kidding.  I think. 

As relieved as I am, this whole situation was a real wakeup call for me.  I haven’t been a good of a steward of our money.  There it is.  I said it.  Financial planning does NOT come naturally to me.  

Reviewing Tater Mitts on the other hand…  Totally natural. 

 When we were first married I pinched every penny I could because I had to.  I even bought a lot of our food at the dollar store.  Serious pinching.  

As the years went by and Hubby’s career started paying more, I’ve been slacking off.  Badly.  These last few years I’ve been buying groceries at stores not known for the best prices.  Actually the one closest to us is known for really high prices.   But it also has a real-live gluten-free section.  With permanent signs and everything.  

 I’m ashamed to say that I stopped even looking at the sale ads.  At all.  I was just tossing whatever I wanted into the cart.  I would just stick my fingers in my ears when they gave me the total at the checkstand. 

Just call me Cleopatra y’all…

 So this week I have been busy getting my financial life under control.  I started a price book and found that yes, the grocery store I hate shopping at the most, because it’s always crowded (because of all the deals) and doesn’t have those cool car carts for the kids (passing the savings on to YOU) and lots of fed up aggravated moms (because of the lack of cool car carts in which to strap the darling children into) is, in fact, the Low Price Leader.  Great. 

 Well, at least my oldest is starting Kindergarten next week and I’ll only have to take one child grocery shopping now.  So it’s going to get easier. 

 I also found a great message board for frugal stuff.   It’s got archives-o-plenty and really nice people.  If anyone else is thinking about increasing their frugal awareness, go take a look – Frugal Village.   I’ve learned a lot there this week.   

 To be honest, if I just can get our grocery and Walmart/Target spending under control, we will be fine.  But, the people at Frugal Village are really inspiring.  There are people there who are frugal so that they can be debt-free by a certain goal date.  And not just credit card free, but car payment free or even mortgate free. 

 I actually sat down with the sale ads and took notes this week.  I even kicked myself for missing out on a Buy One, Get One Free sale on eggs. 

 But I might actually take advantage of it because you can freeze eggs.  Not in their shells though.  You have to freeze them in baggies. 

I learned that on Frugal Village. 




  1. I didn’t know that about eggs.

    I have a book that my MIL gave me called The Tightwad Gazette. There are a lot of good frugal tips in there. Also some silly things, but a lot of good advice.

  2. That mortgage thing was scary for me too- we’ve been house hunting and getting our loan online was making me a bit nervous- but I’ve gotten the ok confirmation that our loan is okay- YEAH- now I gotta find a house we can afford, LOL. Win some, loose some 🙂

  3. That must have been quite some stress.

    It’s great when you can buy whatever you want. I hope you have left from it some nice items.

    Good luck with being more careful!

  4. Sarah – I haven’t read the Tightwad Gazette, but I’ve looked at the website. Lots of good stuff there. I totally didn’t do the egg thing. I’ve got to organize my freezer. I just shove stuff in there at this point. I don’t think a bag o’ eggs would have survived long in there – frozen or not.

    Shannon – I’m so excited about you guys getting a house. I’m sure you’ll find something great.

    Laane – I do have some nice things that I’m glad I bought. Mostly cooking stuff, which I use all the time.

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