Posted by: Nancy | August 24, 2007

A case in point

As if I haven’t talked enough about this subject, I came across something this week that really underlines my advice that you have to read all labels and verify absolutely everything

Act II Movie Theater Butter Popcorn. 

 What types of food allergens would you think would be in popcorn? 

 Milk?  Of course.  Butter is in the dairy group.  It says butter right on the label.  That’s an easy one. 

 Eggs?  Hmmm…  Well, okay…  I guess maybe to make the flavor stick?  It’s probably something like that. 

How about fish?   Oh yes.  I said fish.   F-i-s-h.  Fish.  In popcorn.  Fish. 

I figured that this must have been a misprint, which I thought was hilarious.   I mean, what could be worse than fish listed as an allergen in popcorn? 

I decided to contact the manufacturer, ConAgra, to find out what the deal was – misprint?  Or just plain gross?  I received this nice reply from Rose –

 August 23, 2007Dear Nancy,

Your communication concerning our ACT II® Movie Theater Butter
Microwave Popcorn was most welcome.  We appreciate comments and questions from
our consumers.

The reason fish would be listed as an allergen would be that some of
the flavors we use contain fish gelatin

The only sure way to know whether or not a product contains a certain
ingredient is to check the carton ingredient list on the package.  From
time to time, products are reformulated and ingredients may change.

We appreciate your patronage and value our customers.  We hope you will
continue to enjoy our line of quality food.

ConAgra Foods Consumer Affairs

So yea, there ya go…  As for what could be worse than fish being in popcorn?  Fish gelatin being in popcorn.  

I’m speechless.




  1. that’s hilarious nancy! I never would have suspected FISH GELATIN.. LOL who’s ever heard of such a thing!! Cute post!

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