Posted by: Nancy | August 25, 2007

Going back to work!

I used to be a medical transcriptionist.  I did it for about five years.  I stopped in 2000 because I got married and my husband made enough for us to live on.  

 Now, his industry has taken a down-turn and things are getting cut back.   It will probably pick back up again in six months or a year, but it’s going to be nearly impossible to live on his income during that time. 

 My daughter is in Kindergarten now, and my son should be in preschool, but we can’t afford it.  If I can get some work, I’d be able to not only take up the slack in our budget, but we’d be able to afford to put our son in preschool too.   So that would be a few uninterupted hours of work that I could do. 

 I already checked with our city and it would be about $85 for me to get a business license. 

 I literally JUST gave away my transcribers (the tape player/footpedal machines) like six months ago.  Most places are using digital, but I’m almost positive that one of my old clients is still using tapes.  He was extremely resistant to change.  Still used Wordstar.  None of that new-fangled Wordperfect or Word for him.  Wordstar worked just fine.  Which was one of the reasons I worked for him.  I was willing to do the work how he wanted it done.  Most other MT’s would try to push him into using the newer stuff.   He may have updated, but I kinda doubt it.   Once I get my business license, that’s the first place I’m going to call.   If they need me and they’re still using tapes, I’ll get a tape transcriber first.  If not I’ll get a digital system first.  I can’t afford both right now. 

 Since I’m wanting to just do this to get us through the next year or so, I really just want to subcontract.  Which is helping MTs who have overflow work, or on sick days or during vacations.  If I had my own clients, I’d be stuck.  When I had my own clients, it was almost impossible for me to find enough reliable subcontractors for me to even take a single day off.   Even on the weekends.  I was always slammed with work.  

 So that’s what I’ve been researching and thinking about. 

 And f there’s anyone out there who does MT (or knows an overworked one) and needs a subcontractor, let me know.  




  1. You’ve been tagged at MrsB’s. 🙂

  2. WOW back to work; well almost! I’m looking at going to work once I get back from the “big” pack in Germany. The opportunity to get out and interact with other adults is extremely motivating, LOL.

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