Posted by: Nancy | August 29, 2007

Meme – Eight things about me

I was tagged by Gluten A Go Go for a meme.  I just need to tell eight things about myself. 

 1.  My husband and I dated off and on in high school, then went our seperate ways.  We met again at our 10-year high school reunion.  We’ve been together ever since. 

 2.  I wanted to be a mom of many.  I wanted four or five kids.  Then I got sick.  Once we figured out what was wrong with me and I started feeling better, I decided the two we have are enough.  Sometimes I still want more.  

 3.  I’ve been a Christian for almost three years.   I finally jumped, He caught me, and I’ve never looked back. 

4.   I worked crew on a movie.  Starring the guy from Airplane and the brunette woman from thirty-something.  The back of my head even got some screen time. 

5.  If there’s ever a cure for celiac, I’m diving headfirst into a bucket of KFC.  Then I’m not cooking for a month.  At least. 

6.  I have a 120-pound “labrador retriever”.   The vet says there is no way he’s just a lab. and he must be part something else.  We’re thinking horse. 

7.  I don’t have a permanent favorite color.  When we got married my favorite color was purple.   I’m coming out of an orange phase.  Not sure what I’d say my favorite color is now. 

8.  I love to sing.  I’m pretty good at it.  Not American Idol good.  Just not embarassing myself on karaoke night good.  I have absolutely NO stage presence whatsoever.  When I go to sing I look like someone forced me to do it.  Even though I’m enjoying myself immensely. 

Now I have to tag a couple blogs. 

 Christian Moms Alliance

Mrs. B



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